Balloon, Bow and Arrow hits the bullseye!

Hello everyone,

If you love playing games on your Android smartphone, here is one game you can’t afford to miss. Balloon, Bow & Arrow made by Indian Android application developer, Manas Gajare has now claimed the number one spot under the free casual games category in the Google Play store.

Balloon, Bow & Arrow claims top spot in ‘Free Casual games’

Balloon, Bow & Arrow ranked ninth in ‘Top free’ apps

Moreover, the game is ranked ninth in the Top Free applications category, a feat that very few Indian application developers have been able to achieve so far. The game has become popular because of it’s excellent graphics, animations and realistic sound effects. Here is a short description about the game:

1) You have got a bow and 25 arrows. Shoot as many balloons as you can.

2) Different types of balloons originate from the ground and fly into the sky. You need to hit them with arrows.

3) You get a different score depending on the size of balloon you shoot (make a hat-trick and you gain 2 arrows.

The application was launched on 14th October 2012 and since then it has undergone a few changes and now competes with the likes of Angry Birds. At present it has 250000 downloads (with 170000 active installations) without a single penny being spent on application promotion.

So what are you waiting for? Go give Balloon, Bow & Arrow a try today and enjoy playing the game 🙂

Happy Birthday Srivatsan Iyer!

Today is a very special day for me. As I begin my professional career with L&T Infotech, I wonder how much of a difference a person makes when he walks into your life. The moments we share with that person eventually strengthens our relationship to the extent that one begins to feel incomplete without the other.

It’s been close to four years now and my friendship with Srivatsan Iyer, who turns 22 today, defines such a relationship. Today when I look back, there are several moments, incidents that come to my mind that were instrumental in building this relationship. I would like to share some of them with you. So here goes!

(2nd semester – Computer Engineering)
I had a Maths re-test scheduled at 9:45 am. I was prepared to give the test and went straight to meet the Maths teacher. I saw Srivatsan standing outside the department trying to convince the teacher about something. I knew nothing about him then. I thought he too must have got a re-test but that wasn’t the case. Just a few minutes later, Benson, our classmate joins us. He had to get some of his previous test papers corrected. Srivatsan was still speaking to the teacher and as soon as he saw Benson he quickly asked, “Can you accompany me for a coding competition at Shah & Anchor?” Benson seemed a bit reluctant as Srivatsan put forth the same question to me. I agreed to come but the problem was that I had to give the test as I didn’t want to postpone it to next week. I knew it was difficult to convince the teacher to conduct the test for me alone next week but then Srivatsan solved that problem. His secret weapon, an innocent face that portrayed a grin, was good enough to convince the best of teachers as he always assured victory in the competition. I really don’t know how he managed to do that but then I knew that this could well be the beginning of many more such moments to come. Thereafter we left for the competition; during which we solved tricky C/C++ MCQ’s, debugged programs, wrote two out of three classic programming puzzles and bagged the 2nd prize eventually. It was one of the memorable moments of my life. It was all because of Srivatsan that we managed to win the competition. He had gained the respect of a few final year students of the host college who had won the 1st prize. That day I realized there was someone better than me, someone whom I still continue to share a lot of things in common.

(6th semester – Computer Engineering)
Our next memorable outing was the Technovanza event at VJTI. I along with Srivatsan registered as a team for the C/C++ debugging event “I-code”. We knew that this competition would be fierce as a large number of students from various engineering institutes across the state had participated for the event. Our first challenge was to get through the preliminary round which to our surprise was a “Predict the output” kind of a round as opposed to the customary MCQ’s. Trust me it was one of those rounds that put your C/C++ skills and fundamentals to the test. Moreover, the event was time based which meant we had to complete in time and make sure we answer maximum questions correctly to have an edge over the others. We submitted our answers well in time and left the lab. It was for the first time I saw Srivatsan a bit tensed. He said, “I am not sure whether I answered few questions correctly. I think I made a mistake somewhere. Umm! Not sure though”. I told him that it’s fine and mistakes do happen. It was a tough round and we did manage to attempt all questions. To take our mind off the event we decided to go have a look at a Rubik’s cube event that was going on inside the quadrangle. Later we munched on to some snacks and walked slowly towards the lab where our event was conducted. To our surprise the results were already announced. We increased our pace and went straight to the event-head who was holding a list containing the names of the selected teams. We were happy that we were shortlisted for the next round but the sight of our competitors didn’t let that happiness prolong. So then the final round began with two hours of programming to follow. It’s good that the host college used Visual C++ in most of the machines. It gave us a slight advantage. We had to solve three problems. One of them was a classic pattern generator and the other a slightly modified version of Pascal’s triangle. The last one though took the breath out of us and at the end it was just a “missing semicolon” that costs us. We bagged the 3rd prize then and received a participation certificate but the event till now remains etched in our memory.

There were many more such moments during the four years that I and Srivatsan spent together. It is always such memories that remain with you forever. As working professionals now, we don’t get much time to interact but one thing is for sure; we will always be ready for another Coding Competition!

Me and Srivatsan