Convert Java jar file to exe using JSmooth

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JSmooth is a popular executable wrapper for Java that helps to create native Windows launchers (.exe) for our Java applications. The latest version of JSmooth can be downloaded from over here.

In this post, we will learn how to convert our existing Java console application to an .exe file. First, you need to export the Java application as a .jar file. If your using Eclipse, right click your Java Project –> Export –> Jar file.


Once you have downloaded JSmooth, open the application.


Specify the skeleton of the executable application. In my case I want to create a Console wrapper that will run on the command prompt console.


Give the full path to the .jar file by selecting the option “Use an embedded jar”. Go to Application tab and set the Main Class file. Put the same name which you had used in Eclipse project as Main Class.


Go to the Executable tab and set Executable Binary file path. Mention the full path with name of the .exe file that you want to be created. One can also provide an icon for the executable file.


Now, go to the JVM Selection tab. Specify the minimum and maximum JVM versions required to run your application.


Finally, go to the Project menu and compile the file. If there are no compilation errors then you should see the .exe file generated in the specified directory.




This completes this simple and effective Java tip. Hope it helps! 🙂

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