Long time no see!

Hello everyone!

It has been more than a year now since I last posted an article over here. 2015 has been a very busy year. However, the entire experience of learning something new has helped me develop both personally and professionally; even as things continue to change drastically in the world of technology and every day there is some new gadget or some new SDK that is being launched by software companies around the globe.

AngularJS has now become popular among web developers. I got an opportunity to work on a live web application project that involved the use of this so called superheroic framework, and the end result was quite satisfying!

Augmented Reality has been around for many years now and it was a high time for me to get the hang of it. Using Metaio’s augmented reality SDK for Android, I learnt how to create and interact with 2D and 3D artifacts in realtime. Some of the key learnings in this space would include image recognition, detecting 3D models without using markers and understanding the concept of location based augmented reality. The sheer joy of applying the concept of Augmented Reality in applications on wearable devices was just like an icing on the cake.

The Wowza live streaming media server still continues to be my prime source of R&D. Two way live video streaming is what I am currently working on using the Wowza Media Server API’s and I hope it bears fruit soon. After having worked on the conventional and enterprise driven Oracle database, I have slowly started moving towards NoSQL databases including MongoDB and Firebase.

Finally, thanks to my parents for their constant support and encouragement. Special thanks to my colleagues at work who have helped me whenever required. From here on, I will try and get back to blogging and share as much information as I can with all you tech-hungry folks! 🙂