The way of life!

Sometimes when you feel you are at your best; everything is falling right into place, life hits you hard and puts you back in the race! 🙂

At 24, I might be the best person for the job, the most loving son or the most helpful person but when I encounter reality, the feeling just nullifies. As a person, I always want to excel, success is what I crave for, passion is what drives me; even then I could never learn the way of life.

Back then, personal hygiene is something I never paid attention too. You often hear your parents tell you to wipe your body clean after a shower, cut your nails on time, wash your hands before a meal, tighten your shoelaces and so on. Trust me these small things have a big impact on life. Cooking is something I could never learn but criticizing the cook brought a smile to my face. Household chores? Who does that anyway? The fact is that I never learnt things – the hard way.

Was there anything that could have brought about a change in me? Perhaps yes and one such incident indeed did. I was travelling home via the CST-bound local, glued to my headphones seated near the window. It was pouring heavily and in order to avoid water from entering the compartment, people would normally shut the windows by pulling down the glass case. Suddenly, an old man, who sat in front of me asked me to pull down the window. As usual, I responded late and when I tried pulling it down, I couldn’t. I just didn’t know how to do it. At the end, the old man had to get up and pull the window down himself. Till the time I reached home my eyes were filled with tears. Something had hit me hard – mentally. Life had just taught me the best lesson. Today, even after several years the old man’s words echo in my mind. I remember he said, “Look at this guy wearing headphones. He doesn’t even know how to close a window!!”

Times have changed. For a person who never knew how to use a pen to a person who is on the verge of completing his second book, life has always challenged every move of mine. All I do is try and live up to those. Remember, no matter who you are, rich or poor, near or far, never neglect the basic things of life. Learn to respect life and it will respect you!

Back to where I belong!

Hey everyone!

The past two months have been really frustrating. I realized how incomplete my life is without blogging. There’s so much happening in the world of technology, that one can’t turn a blind eye to this boom.

So here I am. Back to square one; continuing from where I left. I plan to share many more tutorials on my experiences in Android, Oracle and popular open source programming libraries.

As they say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” 🙂


Believe it or not!

You might say that you don’t believe in superstitions or ghosts or any of those magical illusions that seem impossible or supernatural. You might feel like laughing when you hear stories of people who came back from the dead. As a matter of fact, seeing is believing and one has to experience moments before he/she can draw a conclusion.

Here are two incidents that have occurred recently in my life that makes me write this piece today. Believe it or not, these events have had an impact in some way or the other and at the same time helped me become a little extra cautious.

#1: The Lemon Crush

Unknowingly, on numerous occasions I have stepped on a lemon and some green chillies tied to a string. Back in the olden days, people believed that lime and chillies lying on the road are used to ward off bad luck. Is that really true? I recently stepped on one and ended up having a sore throat 🙁 . I was fine and healthy until I stepped on that yellow trap. My health started deteriorating soon after. I could sense something bad was going to happen. To be honest this has happened on multiple occasions each resulting in ill-health.

#2: The Bad Eye Contact

This is really strange. I didn’t believe it until I became a victim. One fine day, I was leaving home to go to college and one of my friend’s mother happened to meet me at the gate. She started staring at me and asked me as to why I had lost a lot of weight off late. I laughed off her words and left past her. Moments later, I suffered from a stomach ache that forced me to take leave the following day. How can an eye contact suddenly change the health of an individual? Perhaps, that’s why they call it “Gandi Nazar” in Hindi.

How do you avoid all this? Is there any supernatural force that could help give you strength in such situations. Can this force suppress all evil-doings? Yes, indeed and perhaps my mother was right when she said I should strongly believe in HIM. As they say, “Better late than never”. Today, most of my problems are solved by the Almighty. Some might feel HE doesn’t exist, some feel HE does. From now on, HE will always remain closer to my heart.


Every drop counts!

Last week was truly a memorable one. I went for my very first blood donation camp held on 7th March in our office premises. I was initially nervous and thought I would feel dizzy after donating blood. However, everything went smoothly and it took around 20 minutes.

Soon after donation, I rushed to the canteen to have a glass of buttermilk. I was feeling very hungry which is normal I guess after one donates blood. As a token of appreciation, I received a certificate for the same from the officials who had organized the camp. I felt that the camp was in a way successful in creating a “feel good factor” among employees like me who look forward to participate in many such blood donation camps in the future!

On the whole it was a truly memorable experience. No wonder people say, that the act of donating blood is a purely altruistic act. As people who donate we just need to remember that every drop counts! 🙂

How to utilize the time post your final engineering exam

Final exams done and the long vacations begin…!!!

(After 2 weeks or so)

“Hey dude, wassup these days? “, “Hi, what are doing in your vacations?”, “Arrey joining ka kuch pata chala kya?” .For those of you who are really bored right now, just try and copy paste these common one liners in your chat box search and you’ll probably be surprised with the number of results that come up. A low count might indicate that you are really busy with something or even might mean that you have already told everyone about your vacation plans so that no one pings you to ask about. If you are one of those who get a high count then one thing I can guarantee you is that reading the remaining part of this post would certainly help you in utilizing your time in a much better way! 🙂

Being an engineer, I know what it means to spend 4 years in one college, writing assignments, preparing for vivas and most importantly coping with the stress when submission dates are fast approaching. I won’t go into details about Engineering life as that isn’t what I want to convey through this post. The question arises, “What after engineering?” .Yes! You have managed to survive those 4 years, cope with the stress, you even pass with flying colours but then why is it that these long vacations turn you into an idle and lethargic individual. The reasons are many but I believe that you need to keep yourself active both physically and mentally now-a-days in order to compete with the rat race outside.

Hobby!! This 5 letter word is slowly losing its importance. How would you justify the fact that once as school kids we might have written short essays on the topic “My favourite hobby” and today when we have the time to follow it we ponder (Am I doing anything?). Very few think of turning their passion or their hobby into a full time business. Hobbies have started to become mere assignments that we just write about and then forget. So my first appeal to you guys is start following your hobby and it will definitely help you kill the idle time during vacations.

It is also possible that you might not have a hobby from the beginning. It’s fine. It can be developed. But if you are one of those couch potatoes who loves sitting in front of the television or computer screen, opening up tabs for Facebook, Twitter etc checking out what’s going on in your social network then I am afraid you’ll only succeed in increasing your spectacle power and fail in doing something constructive. Physical activity becomes a must here. Try and get yourself enrolled at a gym or a health club and spend time doing exercises. Meditation and yoga could also prove beneficial. Here, I would like to share that I too was once a couch potato but listening to my parent’s advice for the same helped me come out of it. So thank you mom and dad! 🙂

By now you may think I am bit cynical. Haha! Not really. I know that in every dark cloud there is a   silver lining and as a matter of fact there are quite a number of creative and innovative people out there who you just don’t need to tell how to spend their idle time during a vacation. Here, I would like to talk about a dear friend of mine, Ajit. Ajit was the one who persuaded me to buy my first Android phone and to start developing for it. He is one of those guys who always came up with these weird, wacky yet innovative ideas that if one could implement successfully, would eventually turn out to be a money making machine. So guys just try to be creative in whatever way you can and I am certain you will succeed in killing the idle time you encounter during vacations.

From couch potatoes to innovators, are we done yet? No! We have forgotten that there are certain people who are always mistaken to be Geeks. They have a hunger to learn and try to get maximum knowledge out of a particular thing. Their hunger for learning never dies. Using their knowledge they create and share. Sometimes, they encounter success and sometimes despair. However, this doesn’t stop them from doing what they do. If you are one those then perhaps you’ll be successful in killing your idle time 9 out of 10 times. If you are interested in learning programming languages, you could always try enrolling for a specific language course. If you have already familiar with one, you could possible do an internship to get a more practical experience. All these are just alternatives but it’s up to you to decide what’s going to be your source of learning.

I must confess that it’s difficult for me to spend even a day without my family and my close friends. Imagine those who spend 4 years. The sight of a boy or a girl leaving their hometown to fulfil his/her dream and pursue a career is common when we think about such small town wonders. They learn to live the hard way and have a comparatively busier life. However, sometimes boredom does manage to sneak into their lives increasing the amount of idle time. In such situations, spending time with your family and friends is a good solution. Here I am not asking you to adopt a sedentary lifestyle instead I want you to kill your idle time by narrating incidents, moments you spent while you were away, to your parents and grandparents or perhaps even pen them down somewhere looking at those old photographs and greeting cards that I am sure one would never forget.

Just remember that time and tide waits for no man. While this could perhaps be your last de-stressful vacation, you ought to make the best of it, free of boredom and laziness as many you might be stepping into the corporate world soon…!!!

Get busy. Get Going