Happy birthday Threads Of Life!

Yesterday, Threads Of Life turned 1 and I would like to thank all the visitors, subscribers and Facebook followers for their continued support right from the beginning of this year long journey.

As they say, “It’s easier said than done!”. The website wouldn’t have been possible without the encouragement of my friends and well-wishers. A big thank you to my parents for always believing in me. Love you Mom and Dad! 🙂

There were times when I was not able to post the topics that some of the readers had sent a request for. Henceforth, I will try my best to include them and provide the readers with quality content. Once again, thank you all and here’s wishing the blog a very happy birthday! 🙂


Update #1: “Tips And Tricks” category added

I have been using a computer for more than 10 years now. Still, at times I feel, how didn’t I know about this?. It’s true that technology keeps on evolving and getting better every day. As humans we need to try and keep pace with technology. We need to learn something new every day. The learning can be through the Internet, through books or through any friend who comes to your place and teaches you something that you didn’t really know about!

By introducing this new category, I plan to share some of my learnings with you. It includes some basic stuff you need to know while you are operating a computer. I hope this will benefit you in some way and make your overall computer experience a lot more enjoyable.

Let’s begin with our first computer tip for today! It talks about using Environmental Variables in Windows.

In any Windows machine, there are dynamic strings that contain information about the environment of the system. Many software programs, for example Java, Python etc use this information to place their files. There are a number of environmental variables that get referenced by programs that are useful to a user to find any information related to that computer environment.

There are basically two types of Environmental Variables:

1. User variables

A user can add, remove or modify a user environmental variable. The changes are written to the registry and get reflected immediately.

2. System variables

These variables can be modified by the administrator of the system. They are applicable to all the users. They too are written to the registry and most of the time require restarting the system to become effective.

Here are the steps to view Environmental variables on a Windows 7 machine!

Step 1: Right click My Computer–> Properties

Step 2: Select Advanced System Settings. Go to Advanced Tab and select Environmental variables.

Step 3: Click one of the following options, for either a user or a system variable.

Click New to add a new variable name and value.
Click an existing variable, and then click Edit to change its name or value.
Click an existing variable, and then click Delete to remove it.

Hope you liked this post. Happy learning! 🙂

The website T-shirt!

I still can’t believe how popular and useful the website had become; until yesterday, when one of my friends Pralhad Sapre mentioned about one of his office colleagues who referred some of the Android tutorials over here to complete her work!

So then I gave it a serious thought and decided it’s high time I took a step towards promoting the blog. I decided to design my own website T-shirt and here’s how it looks! 🙂


My website T-shirt

Just in case you want to get one for yourself, feel free to contact me! 🙂

10,000 visitors and still counting!

Hello everyone,

I launched the website back in September 2012. It’s been just 5 months since then and the site has now achieved the 10K visitors milestone. I would sincerely like to thank each one of you who visit the website.

Of late, I have not posted any new articles due to my professional commitments but I assure a more quicker update from now. Hope you guys liked the content I posted till now and please keep visiting as I have lots in store for the future as well! 🙂

Crossed the 10K visitors milestone!

Crossed the 10K visitors milestone!


The long wait ends!

Sunday, 23rd September 2012 will be etched in my memory forever as I took my first step into the IPv6 world with the launch of my own personal website.

As I write my first post over here, I would like to thank my parents for supporting and believing in me. I couldn’t have started this process without the encouragement of all my friends in school and college. As time goes by you will find some really interesting articles over here. Before you proceed please make sure to read the FAQ.

Hope you guys enjoy the website and please do keep visiting it! I promise to have lots in store for the future! 🙂