Welcome to Threads of Life!

Hello everyone, I am Karan Balkar,  editor of  this website. Threads of Life gives you an insight into my life as I share with you some of my personal and professional experiences.

I plan to include a lot of programming tutorials related to open source and popular technologies for all you tech-savvy people out there.

I would also be inviting bloggers to share their views on any topic that impacts the youth and the world at large.

Please do have a look at the FAQ. Enjoy your stay!

About Me:

Well for the moment I assume that my very existence on the face of the earth hasn’t had much of an impact till now. If that’s true then you may continue reading the content on this page. 🙂

So just for the record I am a/an :

    •   Computer Engineer.
    •   Amateur programmer with keen interest in Android development.
    •   Poet and occasional writer.
    •   Honest, hardworking, kind and extremely helpful person.
    •   Music lover and a huge punk rock fan. Green Day rocks! \m/
    •   Avid Cricket follower. Miss playing football with my college friends! 🙁

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