My Experiments With Annyang!

Karan Balkar
Note: Please allow access to microphone to use speech recognition feature. Hi everyone! Speech recognition has always being one of those features that is always perceived to be good based on it’s acccuracy. There exists a ton of libraries today that offer this functionality in almost any kind of app. I happened to stumble upon Annyang a few weeks back and wanted to try it in an existing PWA (Progressive Web App).

Using Threejs to Display 3D Model

Karan Balkar
Hi everyone! Three.js is a popular JavaScript library used to display 3D graphics in a web browser using WebGL. It is especially useful when developing AR/VR based applications. A simple implementation could involve rendering a 3D model on the browser. Three.js provides a base class Loader through which developers can load 3D models depending upon the type of the model. The .obj file format is one of the most common formats for 3D models.