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Using Redux Toolkit for React Applications

Karan Balkar
In one of my previous posts, I mentioned about how can one use the Redux toolkit to reduce some of the boilerplate code generated by a default or standard Redux implementation. For those of you who don’t like things complicated, the Redux toolkit makes a bit simpler. Let’s try to understand the same using our previous example itself. Create new app with Redux toolkit npx create-react-app using-redux-toolkit-react --template redux Installing the redux toolkit dependency # using Yarn package manager yarn add @reduxjs/toolkit Configuring a slice The good part of the Redux toolkit is that it allows to define your actions and reducers at one single place.

Using Redux in React Applications

Karan Balkar
Hello everyone, State management is one of the key concepts when it comes to developing applications using React. Redux is one of the popular state management solutions out there that works on the principle of storing the entire state of the application in a single central store. This makes it possible for all components to access the central store and removes the need to pass parameters and props between components. The concept is also referred to as the