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Getting Started With Qt

Karan Balkar
Hi guys, Qt is a cross-platform application framework used extensively for developing non-GUI programs and consoles for servers. It is written in C++ and works on major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and more recently Sailfish MeeGo Linux. There exists three versions of Qt available on each of these platforms, namely: GUI Framework – commercial entry level GUI edition, stripped of network and database support (formerly named “Desktop Light”) Full Framework – complete commercial edition Open Source – complete Open Source edition

Processing for Android

Karan Balkar
Hello everyone! The Processing language has now become a popular development tool for Android applications. It's latest version 2.0+ allows developers to create an Android application from scratch using the newly added Android mode. Processing supports many libraries including video, network, PDF export etc. Just as Android, Processing is also open source and can be downloaded for free. Through this post, I will demonstrate how to create an Android application using Processing!

Getting Started With Kivy

Karan Balkar
Kivy is a popular cross platform open source library for developing applications involving different user interfaces. Currently, Kivy runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iOS. Let’s start by downloading Kivy for Windows from here : Kivy for Windows. Unzip the downloaded file to find the kivy.bat file shown below: Copy the path to this folder. Now right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables Select Path under System variables and click on Edit.