Display circular ProgressBar in Android

Karan Balkar
Hello friends! In the past we have discussed about creating and displaying a basic ProgressBar in Android. A ProgressBar, as the name suggests is basically used to indicate the progress of an operation. By default the progress bar is a spinning wheel (an indeterminate indicator). However, one can also create a circular ProgressBar by applying certain custom attributes. More such styles can be found over here. In order to create a circular progress bar we need to add a new XML file in the drawable folder.

Display ProgressBar in Android

Karan Balkar
Hey everyone! A ProgressBar is basically a visual indicator of progress in some operation. Implementing a ProgressBar helps in the understanding of processes running on threads separate from the main User Interface (UI) and the communication between threads. As mentioned on the Android developer's page, a progress bar can also be made indeterminate. In indeterminate mode, the progress bar shows a cyclic animation without an indication of progress. This mode is used by applications when the length of the task is unknown.